Friday, May 11, 2012

Review of "No Good Deed"!

Brian Triplett of posted a detailed, insightful review of my short story collection, No Good Deed. He does a great job capturing the tone and mood of the book, and provides a lot of detail (but not too much) so that the reader will get a good picture about whether or not this book is right for him/her. He also mentions another collection, The Cleaner, which is also largely River City, but it contains one-off stories whereas No Good Deed is grouped by character, much like my other anthology, Dead Even.

A cool element to the review is that he got the book from the Spokane County Library District, which is beaucoup awesome, because that is what libraries are for.

If you're looking for River City stories to hold you over until the next full length River City novel (Place of Wrath and Tears - I'm working on it!), No Good Deed and The Cleaner will definitely give you your fix. The fun part about the stories for me (and hopefully for you) is that they explore support and lesser characters on their own center stage, which will likely never happen in a novel. I mean, who among you River City readers knows who Officer Aaron Norris is? Ah, but he pops up a little bit here and there, but not so much that I imagine you even recognize the name. But in "Helping Out", he gets to tell his story, and he is the star. That's just one example. You also get to meet characters who are not in other River City novels, but do interact with characters you already know, such as in the title story from The Cleaner (no, he's not a hit man).

Give them a try! They're free (at the library) or cheap ($2.99 for the ebook)!

Speaking of free, if you haven't downloaded it yet, my short story "The Bastard Mummy" is still free as an ebook on all platforms, such as Kindle or Nook. Add to that my two-story collection, "In the Shadow of El Paso," which is free from Smashwords in all ebook formats -- and will be free on Amazon as soon as they see it is free elsewhere.

Did I mention those were free?

Friday, May 4, 2012

"Some Degree of Murder" Reviews

Books and Beans has reviewed Some Degree of Murder, my latest book, penned with Colin Conway. The reviewer gave the novel 4 cups (out of 5), which equates to "Really Liked It." The review is here. Here's an excerpt:

Some Degree of Murder entertainingly examines people, what human nature is, and just what people will do when they're pushed right to the edge of a cliff, whether it's anger, grief, greed, or simple survival. Once someone takes that final step over the edge, there's no telling how far they'll fall, and all their decisions are relative (a degree) of where they're currently at.

After reading the entire review, I have to conclude -- she gets it. She gets what Colin and I were striving for in this book.

And that is always a satisfying connection.