Sunday, December 25, 2011

UPDATE on Three Novels (and a texbook)

Jim Wilsky and I are finishing up the final draft of BLOOD ON BLOOD.

BLOOD ON BLOOD is a gritty, hard boiled crime novel. As Gar Sawyer lays dying in prison, he tells his sons Mick and Jerzy about a jewelry heist he made years ago. This sets the two half-brothers on a frenzied search for the lost loot. Jerzy is the hard core hood, Mick the failed cop and tarnished hero. They have to work together in order to unravel the mystery they face but every step of the way, they are angling against each other at the same time. BLOOD ON BLOOD is a tension-laced action ride.

I expect BLOOD ON BLOOD to be out in the first half of 2012, depending on which route Jim and I go with this novel.

I've finished the second draft of a mystery novel called AT THIS POINT IN MY LIFE. It is going to a couple of readers before a third draft.

AT THIS POINT IN MY LIFE tells the story of retired Spokane detective Jack McCrae. 'Mac' doesn't feel like he's left much of a mark on this world. No family, no wife, and a mediocre career. Then a young woman from his past appears and asks for his help finding a girl that she believes may be her sister...and Mac's daughter. The two embark on a dangerous journey of discovery, battling small town dynamics and old secrets to get at the truth.

I expect AT THIS POINT IN MY LIFE to come out in early 2012 if I go the indie route or later in the year if I go with a publisher.

On another front, I'm currently working on the first draft of the sequel to Waist Deep, which is called LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP.

In LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP, former cop Stefan Kopriva reluctantly accepts a job to find out who assaulted Monique Perrin, who works as an escort. He quickly uncovers the dirty side of politics in River City, exposing a web of corruption that includes sex, bribery and worst of all, murder.

I expect LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP to be out no later than the second half of 2012.

These aren't the only projects I'm working on, but they are either the most complete or in the #1 position as far as what I'm giving the most of my time to.

On a somewhat (but not really) related note, the textbook on police report writing that I wrote along with my colleague and friend, Doug Strosahl, will be available January 2nd. It is called A Street Officer's Guide to Report Writing. It is a conversational, relaxed approach to a critical law enforcement skill. You can read more about it here.

And that's your River City Update, folks. I'm Frank Zafiro, and here. Have a happy holiday season!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


My 2010 novel, Beneath a Weeping Sky, has been reviewed by Brian Triplett of He writes a very fair article about this book, the third installment in my River City series.

On balance, I'd say this is a positive review. It also gives the potential reader an honest look at the book, which admittedly isn't for everyone. Sexual Assault is a tough subject. And getting into the head of a serial rapist doesn't appeal to everyone. Still, this was a book that really explored those recurring characters -- Katie MacLeod, John Tower, and Tom Chisolm, especially. It is also the first book that really features the genius that is Renee, the crime analyst.

When Beneath a Weeping Sky was published, I felt like it was my best book. I don't know if it still is (I think I'd go with Waist Deep these days, but it's a photo finish) but I still like it a lot. It was a stretch for me as a writer and I felt a great deal of growth from start to finish. So seeing a review pop up almost two years later is kinda cool.

If you want this or any River City novel, you can get them from Gray Dog Press. In fact, right now they are offering the entire River City collection at a 20% discount, just in time for Christmas. Or, if you prefer eBooks, the books are available in all formats.

My favorite line of this novel? Tough call, but I'm going to go with this one:

“What?” Battaglia protested. “Why am I on rat duty?”