Monday, August 31, 2009

"The Bastard Mummy"

My long short story (or short novella, if you prefer -- it runs about 14,000 words) has been accepted by Mysterical-E magazine. It will be published in the Winter issue, which will be posted in December.

You can read Mysterical-E right here:

I'll post a direct link to the story once it is published.

"The Bastard Mummy" is a Finch and Elias mystery, set in River City. When a mummy goes missing from the Egyptian tour while it is on display at the River City museum, Detectives Finch and Elias are dispatched to try to solve the case. They are in a race against time to figure out whodunit (and howdunit) before the FBI or Insurance investigators arrive on scene...and before the theft causes an international incident. For suspects, they encounter an elitist academic, a scheming director, a wanna-be cop security head, a shady janitor and a sleepy college student...

And that, my faithful friends, is all you get out of me until December...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Update

A number of people have been asking me how things are going with the River City series, so I thought I'd post an update.

Really, on the publishing front, there is no update. Nothing new has been published since my story in Deadlines.

The only definite thing coming down the pike is a vampire story called "For the Sake of Art" that I have in an anthology called Vampire Dreamspell. This should be out in a few months.

"For the Sake of Art" is a story that I originally wrote back in about 1989 or 90, though when I came across it again a few years ago, it got a substantial revision. Still, I love the premise of that little story. It is about Upir, a 500-year-old Czech vampire who is living in the United States now. He has confronted the loneliness of immortality through collecting art. But what happens when the IRS catches up to him? Sure, he can slip away from the authorities, but what about his precious art collection?

Anyway, give it a try if you like vampire stories. There are a number of other vampire stories to round out the collection. I'll post again when the antho is released.

As far as River City goes, the third book, Beneath a Weeping Sky, is complete. I've finished about 3/4 of the fourth book, And Every Man Has to Die. Truthfully, I'd have finished that one by now if the third one had been picked up by a publisher, but there's no exigency right now and other projects are calling.

What other projects?

Well, now, most of those are going to have to stay secret until I finish them and find a home. I will say that I am working on a couple of stand alone mysteries (not River City), as well as having a mainstream novel making the rounds. I also just finished the draft of a Young Adult novel, so we'll see where that goes.

As soon as River City finds a home, that series is in good shape. In addition to the #3 being finished and #4 mostly done, I have the premise of #5 set in my head. I've also finished two others in the series that happen later on in the timeline and started a third one that is later down the road, too. When I find the right publisher, this series has legs.

So there's the update. I'm busy writing and submitting work to find the right home for it. Come by here occasionally -- I have a feeling that I'll have news to post more frequently over the next few months.

Thanks for your continued support.

Hastings Appearance

I should have mentioned this before it happened, but I've been busy and simply forgot. Nonetheless, here it is -- I appeared at a local author event at Hastings bookstore yesterday (Shadle store). There were about 15 other local authors and I got to meet most of them. Great folks, and I was impressed with the range of subject matter there. Everything from cookbooks to sci-fi to memoirs

Thanks to Trish for hosting the whole thing!

Next time, I'll post in advance so that some of you can make it by if you're able. Thanks to Rhiannon and friend and to Kari Kane and family for making the scene with little notice!