Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finished "The Last Horseman," Working on RC4

I finished the first draft of a non-River City novel called The Last Horseman.  No, despite the title, it is not a Western.  It is more of a crime/suspense novel -- not a mystery, and not a procedural.

More on that if it finds a publishing home in the future (after all the revisions).

I'm currently at work on the fourth River City novel, tentatively titled And Every Man Has to Die.  It was about 70% finished before I veered off into other work and other things in life (personal and primary job responsibilities), so I may finish in short order...perhaps in November!  That's my goal, anyway, since November is officially Novel Writing Month.

The third River City novel, Beneath a Weeping Sky, is scheduled for a March release from Gray Dog Press.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Short Story Sold!

My short story "What Comes Around" has been sold to Crime and Suspense magazine.  It will appear in their November issue.

"What Comes Around" explores karma a little bit and how you never quite know what part of your life might be the axis upon which your destiny turns.

Crime and Suspense is an old standby when it comes to online mystery magazines.  I have had a couple of stories there, back in early 2006.  The original editor also ran Wolfmont publishing, which published my first novel.  The eZine is getting a makeover and has a new owner/editor.  It has become a paying market, as well as a place for book reviews and information on doings in the mystery field.  If you like mysteries of all types, set your browser to

Check it out in November, and after!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Short Story "Prank Call" Sold!

My short story, "Prank Call," will appear in the LL Dreamspell anthology DreamSpell Revenge.  The book will be released in 2010.

"Prank Call" is, as you might guess, a story of revenge.  It is based on an old idea that I had years and years ago.  I even started the draft, though nothing of that draft (or much of the original story idea other than the most basic elements of the premise) made it into the final story.

In "Prank Call," I wanted to explore the idea of revenge, both from a mystery/suspense practical standpoint and also from a more philosophical view.  Is revenge viable?  Only sometimes?  Never?

Thanks to Editor Lisa Smith at LL Dreamspell for picking up the story!  More on the anthology and the publisher is here: