Monday, September 29, 2008

More News

A few things to report.

First up, some sad news. Mouthfull of Bullets has discontinued publication. The magazine had a good run, even breaking into a print version for a while. I have no doubt that it would have continued to rise in prominence, but the editor simply didn't have enough time to dedicate to publishing the magazine. These things are often labors of love, paying little or nothing and gobbling up huge chunks of time. I saw this briefly when I served as an associate editor for Colin Conway's online mag A Cruel World. Real life responsibilities such as work and family can't be neglected and so projects like a small crime fiction magazine sometimes fall by the wayside.

On a personal note, the demise of MFoB means that the remaining three installments of "The Bastard Mummy" won't appear there. It looks like I'll need to find another home for that story.

Good news. My short story, "A New Life" is now up at Mysterical-E. This is the third story in the four-story arc involving Shae and Laddie. The audio version is also available. You can listen to it (or read it or both) here:

This issue also contains positive reviews of my novel, Heroes Often Fail and the anthology Medium of Murder, which I contributed to. Those are here:

On another note, November 2008 has been announced as the release date for the Comet Press anthology Deadlines. My short story "In Your Warm and Darkened Grave" will appear in this book. I've seen the galleys and the editors have done a great job. Cover art is forthcoming, but you can read more about Comet Press here:

I'll pass it on when this anthology is available for purchase.

All of the anthologies that I've had stories in are listed on my website, here:

I still have a few copies of most of them, so feel free to email me if you would like to buy one.

I have started work on a new book, tentatively titled At This Point in My Life. While it is a mystery, it isn't a River City novel. It's still in the very early stages, but shaping up to be an interesting ride.

Speaking of River City...well, things are still delayed. More to come.