Saturday, April 5, 2008


The short story anthology Medium of Murder will be officially released at the end of April from Red Coyote Press. My story, "Dead Even," (a River City tale starring Dominic Bracco) is featured in this anthology.

I, however, have copies now. And you can have them early! They're available for $12 apiece. Sign them for you? Of course -- that's my favorite part! I can ship 'em, too. Just email me at and we'll work out the shipping details.

This is the second anthology from Red Coyote Press that I've been fortunate enough to appear in. The first was last years Map of Murder, which included my story, "In the Shadow of El Paso." I don't have any more copies of Map of Murder, but there are some available directly from the publisher at .

My thanks to Red Coyote Press for publishing "Dead Even."